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Sony Cybershot error message "Turn the power off and on again". - Part 2

Update from an anonymous source:

Hey - I had the same problem and worked it out myself. Mostly just dirt on the gears, and cleaning it out worked just fine. I wrote a bit of a detailed walkthrough on how to clean things out and make sure it works, so I thought it might be helpful for some others.

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Hey there,

Sony Cybershot error message "Turn the power off and on again".

For all of you that have "Turn the power off and on again", here is what I found.

There is a motor assembly that is part of the lens assembly in the camera. Inside this motor assembly there are a few custom gears that are hard to find. When a gear gets damaged, the camera is able to detect the motor spinning and monitor that the lens is not moving. This causes that error message to display on the screen.

How I fixed the E:61:00 on my Sony DSC-P71 digital camera.

Symptoms :

  1. After pressing the power button in capture mode, the lens would extend and a slight humming from what appeared to be the auto focus motor could be heard for about 5 seconds. When the motor stopped humming, the camera would beep and display E:61:00 in the LCD Screen.
  2. Camera would extend the lens but not be able to focus on anything past 8 inches or so.
  3. Zoom in and zoom out would not work.
  4. Playback mode and the Setup mode was not affected.
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